Pre Wedding film

Cameras rolling and action! 

Remember the most beautiful day of your life by making a film that will stay with you forever. Here at Cinesen we specialise in film making, so crafting a Pre Wedding Film for you will come as naturally as love itself. You can let us write a script based on your personalities and style or have your own ideas come to life. Check out our Pre Wedding Gallery below and don't hesitate to dream!

After Wedding Sessions

Cinematography & Photography

What is an After? An After Wedding Session is a specialised photo & cine session that happens after your Wedding Day in which your main photographer and cinematographer create a more directed and freestyle set of images for you. We use the footage in your Wedding films & photographs for your albums & fine art prints. 

After Wedding Sessions are included in the Bespoke & Platinum Line bookings. 

Photographs courtesy of : Achilleos Photography, AVOK Photography. Aziz Al Taany Photography