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Achilleos Photography

We are Christiana and Constantinos, a couple of photography passionates who met and fell in love through photography. We love every aspect of photography as taking photos is not only our job but our way of life – our greatest passion. We love the whole concept of photography, from shooting old vintage film cameras for fun, to doing a 2 day Wedding photoshoot. When not working we love traveling, making memories and collecting cameras.

We and our team offer a wide range of professional photography and videography services as well as vintage film photography for those who, like ourselves, treasure film as a viable and exciting medium for capturing your best moments even in the age of digital photography. We love what we do as it is an extension of ourselves and we pay attention to every detail and to every photo. Our greatest asset is that we are a team, each having its own area of expertise and we manage to bring all our qualities, skills, training and creativity together to offer each and every client only the best of ourselves. We always give our personal touch to everything we shoot, trying different methods and techniques. Always listening what our client wants and putting his/her ideas in action. For us, capturing your moments is a great honour and privilege as we become part of your memory box that you will treasure forever. We love our clients and we like to believe that they love us too.

Savvas Demetriou

Born and raised on an island called Cyprus. I’ve been in a series of crazy jobs irrelevant with the genre of photography but in my heart I was always a photographer!

So one day out of the blue I decided to study photography. I graduated from Birmingham City University with a Bachelor in Photography and a Masters in Visual Communication. Since then “I shoot people”.

I’m keen to shoot everything but I’m Intrigued with capturing wedding moments. Sometimes I’m asked what kind of style I am shooting? The answer is documentary, or you could say journalistic, with an artistic touch. I say documentary, meaning I want you to look at your photo album and see yourself just as you are; un-posed and spontaneous.

I respect the time you have spent viewing my work and I thank you for thinking of me to capture your most precious moments.

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Marios Iosifides

I'm that guy who's always pushing others to get on that road trip they've been talking about, the guy who keeps telling people to take that photo that they will love later.

I enjoy hitting the open road and surrounding myself with new people, documenting their stories wherever that might be, doesn't really matter as long as I am able to narrate an adventure in its purest form. 

I am a big fan of coffee, acoustic cover sessions, winter season, series, minimal design and animals that make your heart melt.

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Theo Georgiades

My name is Theo Georgiades. I'm a wedding, portrait, and editorial photographer with a love for natural light and elegance.

It's been almost a decade of shooting weddings, and I keep falling in love with doing so, over and over again. In this time I've crafted an approach that fuses the honesty of documentary photojournalism and the timeless beauty of fine art wedding photography.

A photograph is a person's view. The world through their eyes. My shots are filled with light, sound, taste, smell, touch but most of all, love - in all its many facets. The task I set for myself, is for your images to transcend time. To be modern classics. To be stills that live for generations to come in your family's heritage.

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Avo Koushian is award winning photographer & graphic designer based in Nicosia, Cyprus. After his BA degree in Art and Graphic Design Avo decided to establish his own studio.

His photo assignments have taken him the length and breadth of the Mediterranean and also overseas, his images have been published in  magazines and newspaper, in 2015  three photos of AVOK – Avo Koushian were awarded “Silver, Honor of Excellence” at PWS International Competition.

In 2016, AVOK achieved the highest score in PWS international competition – Baptism Category, Merit Award. He is also a member of WPPI, the leading wedding photography association. Take a look around our newly designed site to flavour the wide range of photographic services

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Damian Ivanovic Hadjinicaolou

Are you getting married in Cyprus? Are you looking for a photographer that can document your day in an unobtrusive way that is unique, artistic and out of the norm? Y The result is a mixture of creative photography influenced by photojournalism and is based on you as a couple and on the flow of your day.

If photography is the most important aspect to you on your wedding day then i am here to ensure to tell your story though the handcrafted pages of your album to you and your family to cherish for years and generations to come.  A real tangible work of art.

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Karina Leonenko is an artist with the gift of seeing the beauty in everything around her. Using her camera, she captures this beauty and freezes it in time. Karina loves uncovering personalities and authenticity within people and the adventure of discovering new places and new friends.

I am here to listen, understand what is important to you, and then guide you though a very positive process in a day full of energy, emotions, and happy faces, one of the few days you will remember all of your lives. I pride on not just being a photographer but rather an artist , in the sense that i can make you feel at ease in front of the lens and then capture
unique and expressive imagery for you  so when you open your album you remember the story of your wedding day.

As a wedding photographer, she connects with her couples on a deep level, creating an environment where they can relax and be themselves.

And thanks to her visual creativity, she injects all of her images with a beautiful editorial feel, giving every shot an ethereal atmosphere. All this, plus natural hues and honesty, make Karina a truly talented individual.

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