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Cinesen Film Production


Cinesen Film Production

Film Production

We have been actively involved in film production for the past decade. Throughout these years, we have worked on a number of short films and narrative driven music video clips, the majority of which have been represented in both local and international film festivals.

Our primary focus and interest revolves around emboldening the story through the appropriate imagery which is considered in terms of its composition, its coloration, its lighting and in the appropriate movement of the lens through space. Over the years we have focused on improving and developing our understanding and proficiency with these fundamentals of image making through academic study and practical application.

We view each project as a challenge to step up our experience and skills, we are highly motivated and focused to push our clients vision.

We offer services related to the comprehensive production of any audiovisual materials “from concept to completion” of feature films, documentaries, commercials, corporation films, video clips and short films. With an extensive network of selected affiliates in all areas of production all over Cyprus we can facilitate complex and multilayered projects.


Why choose Cyprus?

Diversified cultural settings and mood, 300 days of sunlight and easy access, the Cyprus Government has recently introduced a series of attractive Financial Incentives.

This includes: Tax Rebates up to 35%, Tax Credits, Tax Discounts on investments on infrastructure and equipment, and 14% VAT Returns.
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