Cinesen is a team of professional cinematographer's and videographers. Each one with their own specific style and feel but working as team to achieve the Cinesen signature Modus Operanti.


Savvas Njovu Christides

Savva is a Zambian born raised in Cyprus. From his beginning in music production the leap to Cinematography came naturally as he first became a virtuoso in Post Production mainly in editing, colouring digital sound and image mastering.

His need to express through sound and images is the driving force that pushes him to new fields and heights. Through cadetship in various industries (Television, Audio Studios, Film Studios), he has honed his skill set in traditional set techniques and combined it with a wide knowledge of many audio visual fields both practical and technical then fused it with modernist art sensibilities.

This has allowed him to cultivate and engage in a wide range of story telling tools. He believes that moments define our lives, these are the moments that he grave to immortalise. Behind the facade lies the engine of creativity and beyond modern fakery and the instant gratification of gimmicks the only thing that truly remains is our memories.



Andreas Kopriva

Put simply the brains behind the cinematography both in technical aspects but also in an artistic aspect. Andreas has a vast experience in film making and is a veteran in Wedding Cinematography. He is 1,95cm in height so its not easy for you to miss him, quiet but passionate about what he does.


Lefkos Lambrou

Silent and extensively creative, Lefkos is part of our new generation of Directors. He has been involved with Television, Music and Film Production and is a connoisseur of film tech - a geek of sorts. Lefkos is the kind of craftsman that will not stop trying to create something until it is perfect.


stavros terlikkas

Stavros is one of the most sought after sound engineers in Cyprus. With an extensive work experience both on location and in post, he is an un disputed part of the team. 

Work Experience

  • Πρώτη Σταγόνα, Audio Post Production Sound Mixer And Music Designer 2014
  • Ρουα Ματ, Boom Operator, Audio Post Production Sound Mixer And Music Designer 2014
  • Μπρούσκο, Audio Post Production Sound Mixer And Music Designer 2014
  • Βάλς με Δώδεκα Θεούς, Boom Operator And Field Mixer 2014
  • Πέτρινο Ποτάμι 2013-2014, Audio Post Production
  • Πέτρινο Ποτάμι 2013-2014, Boom Operator And Sound Mixer
  • Reverie Visuals, Sound Specialist - On Location And Post Production
  • CY Sports OB 2012, Van Senior Sound Engineer
  • Βήματα στην Άμμο 2012, Boom Operator And Sound Mixer
  • City Studios 2008-2011, Audio Post Production Engineer And Dubbing Manager
  • Sofita Studios Athens 2007-2008, Music Production Assistance Engineer



A fresh face with a passion for Cinematography, Constandinos is the youngest of the team and has experience in over 20 Wedding Cinematic Productions during the past 2 years.

  • Πρώτη Σταγόνα, Cameraman, Assistant Cameraman, Gaffer 2014-2015
  • Reverie Visuals, Junior Cinematographer & Videographer 2014